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...looking to pick up a new to me book, Bukowski of course, to celebrate the man’s centennial and just because it’s about freakin’ time. But I wanted to ask this.....

These “Bukowski 100” editions, anything special or just a different cover? As much as I love Hank’s art, I don’t think I’m fond of that yellow dot on the cover. Any thoughts?

If these have been discussed prior please lead the way.

It´s the same old cover on that, "The last night of the earth poems", book (thank god). It says the edition was printed in 2002 so I think they just put the yellow label on their stock of Bukowski books.
I see. Then it must be a new edition of the book. The cover is the same as it has always been. I guess somebody has to buy a copy before we can find out if there´s a 100 anniversary foreword in it.

HarperCollins sent out this yellow sticker early this year to accredited publishers, event-makers and organizations (incl. the Bukowski-Society) for use on their publications and event-announcements this summer. Their idea was to establish a sort of "brand". Didn't work, not sure if it was only due to Covid.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure HarperCollins just printed this sticker on their covers without changing anything inside.
To my knowledge, they never announced a "special edition" with different / augmented content.
HarperCollins sent out this yellow sticker [...]

So the yellow sticker was sent out to certain organisations etc., plus it was printed on HarperCollins Buk books? That´s funny because it was probably easier to put the sticker on their stock of Buk books. Or maybe they only printed it on new editions. Anyway, it´s a nice way of letting people know about the 100th anniversary.
the yellow sticker was sent out [...] easier to put the sticker on ...
We didn't get a physical sticker, but the jpg and the authorization to use it for publications/events relating to the centennial. So, I guess, there is no physical sticker to put on.

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