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Hi guyz.

I've been watching several interviews of CB on youtube. In most of them he looks quite in control of the situation, sober, erudite, talking as if he was giving a lecture in Harvard, very on top of his game.

But then I came across with a piece of a French program called Apostrophes, and he ended up wasted and leaving the studio staggering while the other guests laffed.

So it occured to me that Bukowski did the same as many people who travel abroad. They behave at home, but as soon as they step in a foreign country it's like they unleash themselves, the best example could be those British tourists you can find in any British/Irish pub all over the world, after 10 pints of Guiness they start punching each other.

Anyway, this clip came as a surprise to me because I thought he only traveled through the USA, but apparently he visited France. (I dont think it was in Quebec because nobody seemed to speak English)

Have a look, it's quite interesting to see him surrunded by French intellectuals.


If the link doesnt work, just search "Bukowski apostrophes"
The Apostrophes episode is well known. Try this thread.

Apostrophes episode.

And on behalf of British/Irish travellers, thanks. Surely you know that those people who start punching each other after 10 pints on their holidays behave much worse at home :rolleyes:
Thanks for the link, Hank. The Brit thing was just an example, I guess we all get a bit crazy while abroad, especially in sunny exotic places.
At least I havent seen any

There's you're answer.

The other reason is that Bukowski didn't really do many 'filmed' interviews as such.

Most of the interview style clips you will see are from 'The Bukowski Tapes' which were filmed over several months during the early eighties by French film director Barbet Schroeder.

Bukowski had written a draft script for 'Barfly' and while Schroeder was trying to get the film made he decided he would film his conversations with Bukowski and perhaps make a documentary.

In many clips Bukowski is actively drinking, and probably drunk, although he doesn't act like a wild man much. The tapes are mostly filmed in Bukowski's San Pedro home, so there's a relaxed vibe.
Couldn't understand a word of French, [...]

I think this was one of the main reasons, why Hank was so disappointed.

(note how he's working with the controls of his earphone all the time. It didn't seem to work for him.
Also: when a conversation is going on that fast between 4-5 people - how would ANY translator be able to hande this properly? So, Hank was sitting there for a long time (exposed to the public!) not being able to follow what happened around him, not to mention he wasn't able to contribute.
He stayed for nearly an hour! When I first saw that show, I only wondered, why he didn't leave much earlier.)

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