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this one was up earlier...
and was since taken down.
I saw it and wasn't sure how to react on copyright, etc. then I thought of Warhol (obviously) and his Elvis, Marilyn, Campbells, etc....
what's the deal on that situation. did Warhol have to get permission, and if not, have things changed since?
did someone here notify the seller on possible infringement?
I can see someone ripping a dvd or stealing a Montford image for a tee being unjust...but, uh I dunno.
Just curious.
I think Bill's right: as an artist's interpretation of a copyrighted image, it would not be an infringement. Still, someone may have given him shit for it. I once sold a photo on eBay where I didn't own the copyright, was just selling the paper artifact, and someone asked what right I had to do that. I ignored him and sold it.
yeah, I thought there would be no problem. I had it in my watch list. ah well.

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