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Silver Birch Press is preparing a SUMMER ANTHOLOGY with a special section about Charles Bukowski. If Hank has inspired a poem or prose piece (2,000 word maximum for prose), we'd love to take a look at your material. Thanks for your time and consideration. Send submissions to: [email protected] (our editor's address)...DEADLINE: May 1, 2013...

Not a dumb question at all. In fact, a very good question. I should have made that clear in the original post...

We would also like to review any Bukowski drawings that people would like to submit...Payment for all submissions (poetry, prose, and drawings) is a Kindle version of the book.
It will be printed on demand. As we get orders, we will print copies of the paperback. We will also release in a Kindle version, which is basically sold the same way. Hope this answers your question...
First off, I am a huge Ralph Kramden fan -- so love your photo, Otto, Jr.! The short answer to your question -- at this time -- is "no." For our first anthology (SILVER, Nov. 2012), we did send out contributor copies -- but the high print on demand costs, high shipping costs (first from printer to us and then from us to contributors), plus California tax, made this an unaffordable option when a high number of contributors are involved (our last anthology, GREEN -- March 2013 -- had over 70 contributors). We are selling our anthologies at the lowest possible prices to make them affordable to readers. For example, Barnes & Noble is selling our latest 262-page anthology for $6.38 -- and we make only 1 cent per book. We are not trying to make money or get rich by doing this -- we are willing to do it for no money, but can't afford to lose money, either (or we'd have to fold). We will give each contributor a Kindle version (with links to free apps so the file can be read on a computer) plus a PDF version. If we do end up selling a lot of copies and making some money, we will do our best to send each contributor a paperback version -- but can't make any promises at this point. I hope this is a satisfactory solution all around.
Silver Birch Press is preparing a SUMMER ANTHOLOGY with a special section about Charles Bukowski. If Hank has inspired a poem or prose piece (2,000 word maximum for prose), we'd love to take a look at your material. Thanks for your time and consideration. Send submissions to: [email protected] (our editor's address)...DEADLINE: May 1, 2013...
In response to our recent invitation to submit Bukowski-related material for our SUMMER ANTHOLOGY, we’ve received a wide range of work (writing, photos, and art) – and to accommodate all this brilliance we’ve decided to create a Silver Birch Press BUKOWSKI ANTHOLOGY which we’ll release in August, in honor of Buk’s birthday.

(To clarify: We will NOT include Bukowski-related writing and art in the SUMMER ANTHOLOGY – but will issue a BUKOWSKI ANTHOLOGY in August 2013.) Deadline has been extended to June 1, 2013.

You will receive a PAPERBACK copy AND Kindle version as a thank you.
Here's some of what we have planned for the Silver Birch Press BUKOWSKI ANTHOLOGY (Available 8-1-13)

Poetry by: Jared A. Carnie, Henry Denander, Joan Gannij, Linda King, Catfish McDaris, Gerald Nicosia, Joan Jobe Smith.

Essays by: Abel Debritto, Marvin Malone

Stories by: David Barker, A.D. Winans

Book Excerpts by: Neeli Cherkovski, Pamela "Cupcakes" Wood

Art by: Jocelyne Desforges and others

Photos by: Joan Gannij and others

Interviews with: Gerald Locklin and others

Thanks for your note. We are planning on black and white.

Some great contributions here. Looking forward to this.
Thank you! We are also receiving new work from Buk fans around the world...

do you send contributor copies to those accepted?
Received your email and will get back to you with the guidelines (via email). And, for the record, all contributors will receive a paperback copy of the book, plus a Kindle version.

Glad to hear of your reverence for Ralph Kramden. I believe I can recite every HONEYMOONERS episode by heart. In fact, in my family we often use lines of dialogue from the show to express things that can't be expressed any other way. ("The applicant is a bum!" "Today I saw a parrot!" "Odd and even buses.") Glad to hear of another fan!
S.B. Press, you must be a new yorker...I also do this with the Honeymooner quotes. Gleason was the Shakespeare of television. Every subsequent sit-com has its basis in a situation from the Honeymooners, just like most drama has its basis in a Shakey plot; and there is a Kramden quote suitable for any real-life situation, I will look forward to your email Thanks.
Norton: mind if I smoke?
Kramden: I don't care if you burn.
Not a New Yorker -- though I love NYC. From Chicago, now living in L.A. Thanks for reminding me of the great episode where Ralph and Norton are handcuffed together in upper and lower bunks on the train to the Raccoon Convention. And the greatest punchline of all time: "Got a match?"

Yesterday, I sent you an email with the BUKOWSKI ANTHOLOGY guidelines. If you did not receive it, let me know...

Thanks. Looking forward to reading your contribution...

Not a dumb question at all. In fact, a very good question. I should have made that clear in the original post...

We would also like to review any Bukowski drawings that people would like to submit...Payment for all submissions (poetry, prose, and drawings) is a Kindle version of the book.
...and a paperback version.
I too am curious regarding the GUIDELINES. I have the email address I'm to submit too, but do I submit the poems in ONE WORD DOCUMENT, etc. etc. More information would be fantastic :)

WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR: Poetry and prose ABOUT Charles Bukowski – as well as artwork and photography with Buk as the subject.

PAYMENT: As payment, each contributor will receive one paperback and one Kindle version of the anthology. Contributors retain all rights to their work—and grant Silver Birch Press one-time use of the material.


RELEASE DATE: August 1, 2013

TYPES OF MATERIAL (Only Interested in Material ABOUT Bukowski)
· Poems (you decide how many to send – but all must be ABOUT Bukowski)
· Short stories (up to 2,000 words)
· Novel excerpts (up to 2,000 words)
· Essays (up to 2,000 words)
· Creative nonfiction (up to 2,000 words)
· Short plays or screenplays (performance pieces up to 10 pages in length)

HOW TO SUBMIT: Please email your submission as an MSWord attachment to [email protected]. Also include a one-paragraph bio and, if available, any notes about the piece. If you can’t send an MSWord attachment, send the material in the body of your email. Send art and photography as jpg attachments.
I wanted to give this thread a bump...

It appears that the anthology is being released August 16, but there's a launch party in September?
The Silver Birch Press Bukowski Anthology will be available by the end of August 2013 (I'll post the exact date as soon as I have one!). The anthology has grown to about 70 participants who have contributed poetry, essays, memoirs, short stories, paintings, drawings, and photography. Attached is the latest cover (with cover art by Mark Erickson and Katy Zartl). We will hold a launch party at Skylight Books in Los Angeles on Sunday, Sept. 22, 2013 -- details to follow.


Silver Birch Press is excited and honored to announce the release of the Silver Birch Press Bukowski Anthology,
a 272-page collection of poetry and prose about Charles Bukowski as well as portraits of the author by over 75 writers and artists around the world. Contributors include people who knew Bukowski — friends, fellow poets, and people he met along the way — as well as those who feel as if they knew Buk.

A huge thank you to the contributing editors — who invited fellow writers and artists to participate — as well as our gifted contributors. Our deepest thanks to…

Cover Art: Mark Erickson and Katy Zartl (ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)

Contributing Editors: Jocelyne Desforges, S.A. Griffin, Suzanne Lummis, David Roskos, Joan Jobe Smith, Eddie Woods

Contributors (in alphabetical order): Christopher R. Adams / Sheril Antonio / RD Armstrong / The Art Warriors (Antonio Gamboa) / David Barker / William Barker / Black Sifichi / Harry Calhoun / David Stephen Calonne / Jared A. Carnie / Neeli Cherkovski/ Kim Cooper / Abel Debritto / Henry Denander / Jocelyne Desforges / Rene Diedrich / John Dorsey / Mark Erickson / Dan Fante / Paul Fericano / Karen Finley / Jack Foley / FrancEyE / Ed Galing / Joan Gannij / Anggo Genorga / Marjorie Gilbert / Jeffrey Graessley / S.A. Griffin / win harms / Donna Hilbert / Rodger Jacobs / Linda King / Harvey Kubernik/ Dana Laina / Lautir (Fabrizio Cassetta) / Suzuki Limbu / Michael Limnios / Gerald Locklin / Suzanne Lummis / Marvin Malone / Adrian Manning / Dean Marais / Germa Marquez Catfish McDaris / Ann Menebroker / Heather Minette / Austin Mitchell / Richard Modiano / Jon Monday / Jeff Morgan / Paul Nebenzahl / Gerald Nicosia / Michael O’Brien / bart plantenga / David S. Pointer / Alvaro Pozo / D.A. Pratt / Wendy Rainey / Steve Richmond / David Roskos / Russ Runfola / Richard Schave / Raymond King Shurtz / Joan Jobe Smith / Howard Sounes / Ben Talbot / Mark Terrill / dirk velvet / Melanie Villines / Fred Voss / Scott Wannberg / Vanessa Wilken / A.D. Winans / Bradley Wind / Erik Woltersdorf / Pamela “Cupcakes” Wood / Tim Youd / Katy Zartl

The collection includes poetry, essays, memoirs, short stories, vignettes, book excerpts, biographies, fantasies, satires, parodies, interviews, quips, and quotes about Charles Bukowski — as well as iconic photographs plus drawings and paintings of the man of many talents (poet, novelist, short story writer, artist) and names (Hank, Buk, Bukowski, Chinaski).

The 272-page Silver Birch Press Bukowski Anthology is available for $15 at Amazon.com – currently selling for $14.25.

You did a most excellent job with this. Congrats and I am very much looking forward to having a copy of the book in my hands.
Thank you so much SBP!
Ooooops I had forgotten about that one :rolleyes: Though I still don't know how to write a "non-academic" essay with no quotation at all. Another time maybe!
In my review of this book on Amazon.com, I posted the following:

"This attractive 270-page book is a must-read (must-have!) book for anyone interested in Charles Bukowski and it is available for a very reasonable price. The wide range of contributors covers a virtual "who's who" of the world of Bukowski, including those who had a personal relationship with him (in many varied ways) and those who have felt his influence (again in a variety of ways).

Many of the more than 75 contributors to this anthology will be familiar to anyone who is "into" the world of small press publishing in the early 21st century. The gems of the book include the contributions of Gerald Nicosia, David Stephen Calonne and Marvin Malone -- in my eyes, these three short essays fully justify purchasing this collection. Readers of this anthology will discover that the writing of Bukowski himself is very much present in Calonne's piece. Several of the myriad of contributions, both prose and poetry, are reprints from recent material on Bukowski but their presence in this anthology serves to gather in one place the current range of Bukowski's influence and aura. The original contributions in the book are making their first appearance anywhere and, as noted, several of them make this book a necessary purchase if you're "into" Bukowski. In addition, there are illustrations that readers who do not collect everything about the man may not have seen before. The book also includes several contributor's notes and mini-biographies that will "round out" this book as a great reading experience. As I post this, I've read almost the entire book and I heartily recommend it to anyone who is interested in Charles Bukowski's presence in today's world."

I would add here that I would hope that regular readers of this site would support this publishers of this anthology by purchasing a copy ... sorry if this all sounds like a "commercial" ... I really did enjoy my tour of the book (I'm not entirely done -- for one thing, I was familiar with the material in the "women" section so I generally bypassed that section) ... as I noted, the gems in it make its purchase a good idea ... cheers! DaP

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