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"The artist" writes of the portrait:

"It reminds me of a cross between Piet Mondrian Mondriaan and Roy Lichtenstein."

It reminds me of artists who need to explain their own work, and to compare your own work
with a cross between Liechtenstein and Mondriaan shows first class conceitedness.

The portrait itself reminds me of what I saw the morning when I opened my eyes in a small tent
on a camping on an island in the summer of 1988 after a beach party and the sun was burning and
I slept 2½ hours that night and a girl zipped open the tent and yelled, "wake up or we will miss the boat back to the mainland!!"
Piet Mondrian Mondriaan
He took the second 'a' out of his name himself when he moved to Paris. Then he dropped his first name and became just "Mondrian." Like Cher, Prince or Beyonce. Unfortunately, he never achieved the level of fame that those particular geniuses have. Maybe he should have shown his ass more often.

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