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say you're getting married, and you want a handful of quotes for things like programs, invites, favors, etc...

what bukowski quote / poem regarding love would you use?
... i like that one :D)

after posting i thought maybe it might sound silly, or inappropriate, and that i should explain how me and the boyf are, and how the wedding will go, but now i've had too much beer and fuggit.
It is my contention that Buk was one of the last, great romantics. He had a vein of sensitivity that ran deep under a tough-guy veneer, and a classical, almost painful tenderness that he protected from a totally fucked-up, uncomprehending, harsh world. When I have the time to research it, I?ll give you my picks for some of his best lines on love. And congrats on your up-coming event.

in the Valkerie Mountains
among the strutting peacocks
I found a flower
as large as my
and when I reached in to smell

I lost an ear lobe
part of my nose
one eye
and half a pack of

I came back
the next day
to hack the damned thing
but found it so
beautiful I
killed a
peacock instead.

the flower lover from Burning in Water Drowning in Flame
is it a no-no to put the whole poem in?
love is like that - so are flowers - one variety of bamboo only flowers but once each one hundred years...then it dies - by comparison such small parts of the anatomy seem insignificant...eh? (if i were not so computer challenged i'd insert a 'chicklet toothed smiley face here)


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