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Interesting. But. Hard to read. Reminds me. Of Linda King. In that way. Gives. Me a headache. Trying. To make sense. Of that. Kind of writing.
I could understand it mostly because of my genuine pinhead persona and slow wit. I found that easier to read than the Linda King I've read which in all fairness isn't enough for my opinion to matter. So was the guy saying he was a gigolo?
I had missed this. I was re reading bits of Loving and Hating Charles Bukowski by Linda King. Read My First Admirer, wondered who he was and ended up back here with that article posted by Johannes. Can't get out of trouble. :)
Funny thing is, I can neither remember posting the link nor ever reading the article. I think I suffer from dementia.

So thanks for sharing Black Swan, interesting read :D
We get to know who Billy Thong from a couple of Buk's poems and Nicole* from Women were, and we learn more about Claude Powell.
Good find.
*It seems to be the same woman that features in The New Woman, We Both Knew Him and Culture from Dangling in the Tournefortia.

I don't know how I had missed this link when reading the forums for the first time.
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there's been a series of short articles titled 'Bukowski and me' published in a sort of folded broadsides.
Does anyone know, if this article above was one of them?
titled 'Bukowski and me'
oh, I got it all mixed up + the other way 'round. It's: 'Me And Bukowski'.

Will scan and post these three (in a new thread) asaic:


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