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Why do you think Bukowski didn't smoke pot? It numbs reality, cheers you up and is good if you want to go to sleep quickly and not have a hangover. Thought he would've loved it.

I've read the quote, "...and no pot except one to piss in and another one around your gut".

But don't know the reasons behind it.
That's a quote from the poem, "The Shoelace".

Bukowski had tried to smoke pot lots of times, but for some reason he was against it too, maybe because he preferred alcohol. He thought pot made people stupid if they smoked it on a regular basis (see the Bukowski Tapes). I guess one could say the same thing about alcohol.
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Why do you think Bukowski didn't smoke pot? [...]

we don't do think that.

Most of us are quite aware, that during the time, when he was with the people, who he called "the beared kids" - that's the late 60s till early 70s - he did smoke it. Not because he was very fond of it, just because it was around. He also occationally took pills at that time. But NEVER on a regular basis and NEVER actively asking for this kinda dope.

Most people, who refer to his hardliner-disgust of pot, are talking about his rant in 'the Buk-Tapes', which date from the early 80s. I think it's obvious, that he has changed his mind a little on the way.

But even in the old days (when he was still around 'the bearded kids', smoking pot occationally himself) - he Never took pot serious. I mean as something equal to alcohol. He was making fun of the potheads even then:

Nothing against the Buk-Tapes-piece. But if you want to see, what he had to say around 20 years earlier, read the story 'The Big Pot Game'. There's much more humor and gambling in that one.

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