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This is how I remember it - but I may well be losing my mind.

I was reading some Bukowski novel or short story - and Buk mentioned going to a striptease/burlesque show in downtown LA at a place called the Burbank Theater.​
This stuck in my mind because Burbank is the name of a city which, at its closest point, is only 2.2 miles away from Hollywood.​
Years later, I found photos of the Burbank Theater, which was located at 548 S. Main Street. I immediately thought "Wow, the place that Hank used to visit!"​
But now, I can't find any mention of the Burbank theater in my copies of Bukowski's books!​
I thought that the Burbank appeared in Ham on Rye, but I couldn't find it by skimming through the book. Factotum ends with a visit to a burlesque theater downtown, but Buk doesn't give the name of the theater.

I can't imagine the Burbank appearing in any of the other novels, because (at least as I remember it) Bukowski went there in his (relative) youth. Maybe a short story (or even a poem)?

Do any of you remember Bukowski mentioning a Burbank burlesque theater? I feel absolutely CERTAIN that I remember it, but you know how the mind can be - it can play some pretty convincing tricks on you.

Here's the Burbank theater, by the way:

Burbank theatre 1.jpg
Burbank theatre 2.jpg

And in case this thread turns out to be a total waste of time, here's something to make it worthwhile - NSFW photos of the above-mentioned (and smokin' hot) Ms Patti Waggin: LINK
Great photographs! Thanks, Atomic B!
He mentions the Burbank quite often. South of no North - page 17 and 19 - There were two burlesque houses in those days, the Follies and the Burbank.
Also, in You Can Get So Alone - In love poem to a stripper, on page 223 - 50 years ago I watched the girls shake it and strip at The Burbank and The Follies. :)
Also, in Hot Water Music - on page 196, in the short story Praying Mantis, - "Lilly, Lilly La Vell, I used to strip at the Burbank."
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Wow, thanks, Black Swan!

The story I was remembering was the one from South of No North. The fact that the story mentions Hank's friend Baldy is what made me think the Burbank appeared in Ham on Rye. When I couldn't find the Burbank there, I thought I was losing my mind!


By the way, I also just read the poem in You Get So Alone again. For my money, at least, it's a truly great poem.

On the off chance that anyone has interest, here are some photos of the other theater that Hank mentions - the Follies:

Located at 337 S. Main St, two blocks away from the Burbank.


Another view:


Can anyone spot Bukowski in the audience?

Lookie! Here you can even watch Betty Rowland on youtube, dancing at the Follies. :)

And Patti Waggin who danced at the Burbank

[This video is not available.]
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You're welcome. Keep reading The Forum, you'll be surprised by the amount of goodies scattered all over it.

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