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You might want to correct the title of your 'animation'.

The poem is actually called 'Law'.
Piss and Shit--animated

Here is the third in my series of Bukowski cut-out animation. Piss and Shit. I hope you enjoy. Please leave a comment. It helps instigate conversation.

In my opinion it could serve well as a music clip for a song dedicated to Bukowski without quoting him in the lyrics. That could even be great, depending on the music.

It's pretty much like Love said, the pictures in the clip are not like the ones I make up in my own mind, so for me it's blocking, contra-productive.

Still your clip is visually much more appealing than what has been discussed before, done nicely.

But take his voice out of it :cool: .
Well you will get hits from having Bukowski in the title. I like the poem and Bukowski's voice I wasn't bothered by the pictures but why have them?
In a moment or two you may get the wrath from those who better explain their dislike of exploiting Bukowski. The point is....make your own words or poetry. Not his.
it hard to take the voice out when its really the poetry I'm trying to get across. The pictures tell stories. every picture has something to do with something unique to Charles Bukowski. More like an introduction to the man. The poem is the most important aspect but I'm trying to bring it to a new generation.

point well taken. I do write my own poetry and I am good. I think you are too focused on the negative. I was never trying to exploit only trying to pay homage to the greatest american poet and writer who has not gotten his due. This is my way to fight for him. So let the wrath come. This is how I show my love for a writer who touched my life.
Back to your point. I'm sorry to say you don't have one.
The point is on his head stone, "Don't Try". You are exploiting his talent not introducing him to a new generation. Maybe there is some homage and love.
ohhhhh so you are one of the wrathful

But I must. The man help change my life. He deserves the respect of any American writer. You see Gerard I have to try. As far as exploiting. Did Barfly exploit him? Did He exploit himself by selling out? Did Factotum exploit him? I am doing nothing but exposing him in a new medium. So be nice. Words like exploit are very mean. Tribute sounds better. I remember last post you told me to write my own poetry. Do you have any? I was thinking about putting my link up and maybe we can check each others work. What do you say Gerard K Love?
By all means, you do your thing. It's very important that millions more with your deep and profound level of understanding become Bukowski boosters. You have a responsibility to future generations. Don't let them down. Don't let the world down.

I'm just one man, but I am begging you to make more slideshows set to Bukowski readings and post them on YouTube. Make them day and night. Quit your job if you have one. Please. Please.

If you won't do it for me, do it for the children...I'm sorry, I have to wrap this up...I'm getting a little emotional...
the best way to pay homage to someone like bukowski is to DO YOUR OWN THING! and appreciate his work by reading it and maybe it will inspire you to DO YOUR OWN THING! piggybacking on the work of a singular artist like him always smacks of "i don't have my own ideas/voice/style whatever. and i don't think you have to worry about bukowski being exposed to a new generation, he'll be okay.
I can see I'm out voted here so, go ahead, make some more slide shows. Put your spin on the genius because without it Bukowski will never be accepted by the elite new generations coming our way.
No one should have to try to be them self and do their own thing, but then there is you Judas.
I see the point of mjp, and I'm sad to tell you this but I don't think that reading Bukowski will have any effect on it. It may change a few, but it will certainly not change the JonasBrothersCulture.

The animation, as a work of art inspired in a modern literature icon is great, but you have your hopes a little too high. New generations are (or at least seem to be) in the opposite end of decadence, raised on tabloids and Disney musicals.

You can't change the world, you can just change yourself and expect to make a difference in your own micro-cosmos. If not, too bad.
LOLOLOL Comedy :)

As far as being a slide show, it is really called lo fi animation but I understand maybe you didn't read that before you decided to write your witty responses. It's not about the fate of the world as you put it so melodramatically. But Youtube, Vimeo and the viral world are the future. I though as intellectuals you would understand this. Maybe the big words have me fooled. As far as new generation I really was referring to college. They seem to like it. Not the pre teens as one of you said, which is scary in its self. Oh and thank you for you permission. What would I do without the permission from a couple people on a forum. I feel validated, thank you.
Nobody said anything about Barfly or Factotum? Barfly introduced many followers to Bukowski. But you had the same response there right. So trying to pay tribute by putting his word which I give credit to in the beginning and clearly put in the information section of the video. Did you read that part?
Anyway don't think of it was exploiting think of it as a cover. Like when some covers a Hit song. They are just putting their own spin. But all the dramatic sentences were enjoyable. Some of you are pretty funny. One more time. Its animation. Lo Fi.

So if I would have made a movie will Nicolas Cage reading Bukowski's words is different?
Is that what you saying I should read it myself?
If I'd call you a bumklaat, would I exploit the Jamaicans? It's a dead end conversation with you because you're showing the stereotypes of insecure, arrogant narcissistic personality disorder regrettably a lot of young artists suffer from. First, it's annoying and second, you're an easy target.

Still the clip is cool, with the volume off. Don't lose your ground on that.
If you haven't already.

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