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Maybe there are other nice examples out there, but to kick this off I just stumbled upon this piece:

Apparently A.L.F. prefers Ken Follett.

alf and bukowski.jpg
Not bad at all. I wonder how they made them look so much like Buk. It seems like they've copied some pics of him and made a template of them they could spray paint over. Nice result though.
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That is what it seems like. I am not sure if I like it but I was surprised to see something like that pop up in the east part of Montreal, the Village. I want to see the whole thing. The guy who posted it was not specific about its location.
Well, it's not often we see Buk as grafitti (?), so it's surprising to see someone who went as far as to make templates of Buk photos instead of just painting some horrible pic of Buk with a spray can.
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could be paste-on pics over spray paint. pretty cool.

let us know if you locate it.

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