Bukowski Belgian Documentary/Interview (1987)

Belgian documentary "Wie schrijft die blijft" on writer Charles Bukowski. Interview by Martin Coenen.
I wish there was more subtitles in English but it is a good exposure for Charles. I agree that many people do not read the subtext. Charles is expressing despair!

Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
I just find it hilarious that Bukowski used to drink at Shakey's when he lived in San Pedro. For those not familiar, it was like the original Chuck E. Cheese back in the early '70s. Apparently the chain survived longer in California.


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There wasn't a Shakey's in San Pedro, I think he went to the one in Hollywood when he lived on DeLongpre and/or Carlton Way. But yeah, it's not quite the dive bar people would expect to hear about him drinking in, is it.

Every bar in San Pedro has stories about Bukowski drinking in them, but according to Linda he didn't go to bars down there, so the stories are all fantasy. But I guess it helps their rep: BUKOWSKI DRANK HERE. Okay.
The interview is incomplete.

I taped this interview in 1987 on VHS.

Yes, same here. Missed the first 5 minutes of it, though.
Ponder, if you taped all of it, I'd gladly swap you a properly aged Orval or two to make my copy less incomplete ;-)
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