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For those of you in the Philadelphia area: Wed., Aug. 16, 7 p.m., free, Robin's Bookstore, 108 S. 13th St. www.robinsbookstore.com

Happy early birthday, Charles Bukowski!

"All the birds and plants are dead," and so are you!

He Who Boozed Too Much entered the world Aug. 16, 1920, and Robin's Bookstore will be throwing a little party in his honor with free beer and whores. There will be a screening of the 2002 documentary Bukowski: Born Into This by John Dullaghan, and attendees are invited to read Bukowski's poems and stories or to present their own work influenced by his style.

If we who still walk the earth are lucky enough, maybe The Great One himself will crawl out of his grave (or maybe nothis tombstone reads "Don't Try") and come slouching in to partake in the festivities. There's nothing quite like hearing a dead man read "death wants more death, and its webs are full" before throwing a radio out the window.


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