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BUKOWSKI Books & Manuscripts FOR SALE - PRICELIST (1 Viewer)

Thanks again to everyone for the kind words, they are greatly appreciated.

DISCLAIMER (putting together a pricelist for something you never wanted to sell is a bitch):

As a COLLECTOR, I never really imagined actually having to sell my Bukowski collection.

Just like the rest of you, while I was amassing my collection over the past 15 years, spending many thousands of dollars, I was looking for deals hoping to find the most bang for my buck. I feel that I did fairly well. But in all the time I've spent putting my collection together, I had NEVER put together a pricelist for my items.

The tremendous amount of feedback I received in regards to my list of items (in addition to my current circumstance, of course) have forced me to seriously consider what my collection is actually worth to me...and the market that exists out there.

What I did in this process was to assign a value to each item based on my OPINION, as to "What is this particular item worth to me?" To help properly double-check myself, I did spend a solid day searching rare book sites like abebooks, alibris, etc. to see where my prices fell. I then adjusted my prices DOWN to match what I felt the current market on those sites was showing me. Granted, some of the items in my list are not on any of those sites and the prices I may ask do seem like a lot of money in some cases.

This is the list that I was asked to put together, folks. If you want pictures or more information, please ask. If you disagree with the price I'm asking, please make an offer. Obviously, nothing here is set in stone. I just ask you to be fair and open minded. I can promise all of you the same.

Thank you all very much for your interest!!

Be well!!


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Wow. Well, good luck.

All but one of your manuscripts are Xerox or computer printed, so I think your prices are high on those. Just my opinion.
I totally understand where you are coming from. And you are correct, a very large majority of the manuscripts are Xerox or printouts. However, all of the manuscripts are signed and dated and a very large majority do come with provenance. Also, there are quite a few poems here, that while not the greatest or most well known, have particularly good content or relate to specific events in BUK's life. As I spent time checking sites to determine whether my valuations were in line with others, I did not come across many manuscripts that were available, and generally what I found were letters to editors which contained more talk of business than good content. I feel that the manuscripts and particularly the letters that I have available, do have better content than a majority of others that you can find online. But of course that it only my opinion. I respect yours and just wanted to try to help justify why I used the prices that I did.

Also, I think I made it fairly clear that this was NOT an easy thing to do. These prices are not set in stone. They are what I felt these pieces were worth to ME. I encourage you to please let me know if there is something that you might be interested in, but feel that my price is incorrect. I'm certainly not going to take offense.

I truly appreciate the fact than anyone even cares to look over my list. I appreciate the help!!

Thanks again to everyone!!


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