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BUKOWSKI Books & Manuscripts FOR SALE (1 Viewer)

Regretfully, due to poor health and mounting medical costs I will be forced to sell off my collection of Charles Bukowski books and manuscripts. I have attached a list of what is available and have pictures of all items listed.

I have done business with many members of this forum in the past, both as a buyer and seller, and am only posting here because I know that my collection will go to a good home. If you are interested in any/all items, please let me know.

Thanks and be well!!


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Sorry to hear about your health, Wes. It must be difficult to part with these. I'm interested in several of the Wormwood Reviews, but I need to have a look at my checklist at home before I can ID which ones.

Good luck with the sale.
Lots of nice items. Do you have some prices in mind?
Am I too stupid or Why is it, I could only send you a 'visitors message' on the forum, but no 'private message'?
Roni, I think it's just because he's new - he posted his email address above.
What a magnificent collection!!

Wes, I hope the proceeds help you and the books will defintiely be going to good homes where they will be appreicated.
and yet again! - What's the condition and price of the two Crucifix books?
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All of the great folks at Bukowski.net,

I certainly appreciate all of your well wishes and your interest in my collection, thank you.

I honestly hadn't expected near the amount of interest that my collection has garnered so far and didn't even think about putting together a price list. I will work on that over the weekend and will do my best to make it available to you, upon request, as soon as it is finished.

If there is something particular that you are interested in, make an offer, I'll be happy to think about it.

Thanks again and be well!!


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That's some great list. I'll be interested to see what you're asking for the various Sampler copies...not that I can afford to buy any books these days. Good luck with your sale, Wes.
looking forward to purchasing some of these rarities, even tho i'm unemployed and cash i non-existant, i will scrape a few bucks together for your worthwhile cause..
wes...what an amazing collection. i guess none of us really own these wonderful books, we are just guardians for the short term.
as sad as it is to let them go, i hope you get what you need for them. it sucks that we have to sell these kind of items when the prices are so low.
good luck

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