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Now, now. If you notice the clear Rockyesque ending with Gleason winning on a slim technical margin you get the feeling Bukowski was the writers' true hero.

And I just loved that Hemmingway backstabiing of Boggy for a shot at Faulkner. Sheer brilliance.

I don't know if this has been posted before because I just started using the forums (this is my first post actually). There is a website that talks about all things alcoholic (and all people too) and they ran a contest before about who was the greatest boozer. It matched famous drunks against each other and Bukowski was one of them. Enjoy the Clash of the Tightest, as it is really funny:




It is what it is
The first time it was mentioned here I clicked on the link and spent the rest of the evening reading every 'bout'. Some really good stuff in there. Glad to see it again.


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modern drunkard is great.
and they have great taste in poets.
especially the june 2003 issue.

cough, cough.

huh? what?




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