Bukowski Born into This - Stream from Netflix (1 Viewer)

I'm sure most of you have seen the documentary, but if you're in the mood to watch it again or for the first time and have NetFlix, you can watch this for free on your computer via streaming video from your NetFlix account right now. It's one of the "Instant" movies, but you need to watch it in Explorer (won't work on Apple or FireFox).
Thank You!

I watched it on the computer last nite. It was good since seeing it in Nov of 06 is what hooked me. The video feed was a little weak in places ( my computer's fault ) but it did the job.
Thank you IITravel, I love on demand broadcasts.:)
you know, I didn't think about using the stream from Netflix capability until I saw this post. I watched Network the other night and with the "full screen" version it wasn't half bad. Thanks for the heads up...
I use it quite a bit and it's great. i put my laptop on a tv tray in front of my couch, plug in the speakers and put one on each side of my head and it's awesome...:D

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