Bukowski: Born Into This

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  1. anyone has the slightest idea as to when this DVD will be released? The movie was premiered 2 years ago now!!!

    There are copies of this doing the rounds. I think there's a copy with Swedish subtitles (probably from the Swedish TV) available in the P2P networks.

    I asked JD about this, but got no reply from him :mad:
  2. Someone over at tribe.net said Magnolia told him a U.S. release was scheduled for March 21, 2006. Hasn't shown up at Amazon or any DVD sites yet though, so I don't know if that information is accurate. It's listed on netflix, but release date is "unknown."

    An Australian version showed up on ebay a while back, it claimed to be an official release, but I couldn't find any information about it. Sometimes first generation VHS reviewer's copies show up on ebay, so you might keep an eye out for that in the meantime. Well, okay, I only saw that once, but knowing ebay, another one will surface.

    Maybe we need a buy/sell/trade forum here.
  3. a buy/sell/trade forum with a few guidelines would be certainly cool...
  4. I have this copy. Well, I am waiting for orginal copy in europe, becuase regions are my private horror :)
  5. I've a copy of a subtitled one.

    Dutch maybe.

    Father Luke
  6. methinks it's the Swedish one...
  7. Jah. Tink so.

    Fadder Luek
  8. according to this site there is a special collectors edition availible in the UK from 1st March

    bring it on

  9. Gah, weird CSS on that site...but there's this:

    "sorry, you cannot order this dvd in the united states & canada. It will be released in january 2006. For more information, contact Magnolia Pictures at magpictures.com"

    That isn't clear as to where it will be released. What the hell does it all mean?

    On the Magnolia main site it says:

    "DVD Release Date: 3/21/2006"

    That bukowskifilm.com site - wasn't there a different site up before? I know they had a link to the Bukowski stuff on smog...
  10. I think about the same and I don't know :/
  11. if you click on 'order dvd' on that site it says availible 1st March 2006
    and i'm guessing thats in the uk as it'll be a pal version
  12. hank solo

    hank solo Just practicin' steps and keepin' outta the fights Vice President First 9 Reaper Crew ROAD CAPTAIN Unholy Ones

    Official Release.

    I am in the UK and I have the version released in Australia. Its a PAL format movie, encoded for regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8. There hasn't been an NTSC version yet. As the theatrical release of the film in the UK was practically none existent, I was desperate to see this much talked about doc. I managed to see the one with subtitles, but thats a shorter cut than the theatrical release. The DVD version is the Directors Cut 1 hour 53 minutes. The Swedish TV version was 1 hour 32 minutes.

    It is an official release, produced by Shock Records.

    I ordered mine from an Australian DVD retailer. Was reasonably priced but took a while to arrive.

    There are no subtitles on this release. Maybe the French one has optional subtitles, but couldn't be certain.

    Both the Australian and French versions have been on e8ay. Often reaching crazy prices. People should try to think before they bid.

    Back in October John Dullaghan told me that he was "currently working on distributing the film in Britain on DVD." That was the last I heard tho.

    The Bukowski footage was good and the home movie in the extras is worth watching. Filmed in 1992, Hank reads a few poems in his home while Linda works the camcorder. The clips from old reading were great.

    So I look forward to this 'Boxed Set' of live readings... Then again, will they actually appear? Anyone else think the Barbet Schroeder Bukowski Tapes deserve a proper DVD release? How about the whole of Taylor Hackfords 1970s doc? Or a compilation of all the TV interviews that Hank was subject to... Unlikely, I know. If I could quote JD again - Bukowski fans are in "nooks and crannies" which represents "a challenge to most distributors".

    My breath is bated [sic].

  13. I just checked that Australian site and you can get it (to Europe) for 24 euros. not bad. couldn't get into the French one, though. I'd rather get it with subtitles, though I never had a problem understading Bukowski's drawling :)
    anybody noticed the Japanese one is titled: "Bukowski: Old Punk"?
  14. Very nice. I think that I order this DVD from Australia. I have a friend there. I think that they don't send me UK version to Poland so I will order from Australia.
  15. Domator,
    remember that the Australian version has no subtitles at all and the French one may have them!
  16. The boxed set is still only in the planning stages. But I know the Vancouver reading will definitely be released, whether in a set or on its own. The guy who set up and filmed the reading, Dennis, has been working hard on the DVD, all out of his own pocket, so he's anxious to get it out there. I believe he told me it's already been mastered and is ready for production. In the intro to Born Into This, when you hear the woman in the audience at the reading shout, "Bring him more wine!" - that's Dennis' wife at the Viking Inn reading.
    Both of those could be released, but there is always the question of negotiations with the Bukowski estate (Linda). Some people say she is easy to work with, though there are those with differing impressions and opinions. I had a long talk with Michael Montfort when he came to an art show we did at Angel's Gate in San Pedro (he'd heard about the Bukowski poem I'd letterpressed onto acetate and sealed inside bottles of beer, and came early to snag a couple of them). He takes a dim view of Linda, who he referred to only as "The Widow." He wouldn't even say her name, so something unpleasant was going on there. I tried to get to the bottom of it but he wouldn't discuss it.
  17. oh, I had forgotten, I also interviewed Montfort. In fact, he was the first one I interviewed. He refused to be videotaped (the rest of the people I interviewed agreed to be videotaped, including Martin, save for Montfort, Menebroker and Blazek).
    he was very sad during the interview, on the verge on crying, so I didn't push him at all.
  18. I think he was really Bukowski's friend, and he feels like he's been fucked over by Martin and Linda on certain things. I don't want to put words into his mouth, but we did speak for a few hours, and that was the impression he gave.
  19. English subtitles?
  20. I don't know, probably French only, who knows?
  21. I don't need french :) I can order from Australia.
  22. of course you can. but did you understand the Australian version has no subtitles at all, not even ENGLISH ones????
  23. Maybe I'm missing the point, but why would an Australian version (or any version sold in English-speaking countries) need English subtitles?
  24. well, most DVDs with an English audio track -main track, of course- normally have multiple subtitles, including the English ones. I think those subtitles are usually addressed to the hearing impaired people.
  25. what the hell is taking magnolia films so long????

    you figure they would want to make a nice profit!!!
  26. I think Magnolia is going to make the same profit whenever they release the DVD.

    There were hopes among some Bukowski "investors" that the bio film would catapult him into the literary heavens and fame and accolades would soon follow. You might have noticed that that didn't exactly happen. I think the film is great, but if I wasn't a fan, I can't imagine why I'd want to see it. I think I'd be bored, not knowing who the players are. Bukowski the writer is never going to have a huge mainstream audience. Unless they start to market him long after his death as something that he wasn't in life. And I don't see that ever happening.

    Anyway, Magnolia is not a huge company, so I'm sure there are all kinds of issues surrounding the release and causing delays. It isn't even that much of a delay. It used to be a long wait for a film to show up on video. Now television has everyone trained to expect the DVD to hit the stores while the end credits are still rolling.

    Patience, man. If you haven't seen it yet, it'll be worth the wait.
  27. hopefully true...
  28. I was on the Canadian Amazon site and you can pre order it with a release date of March 21, 2006.
    So I did, of course.
    I'm sure the U.S. release date is the same.
  29. Version from bukowskifilm.com has english subltitles?
  30. hank solo

    hank solo Just practicin' steps and keepin' outta the fights Vice President First 9 Reaper Crew ROAD CAPTAIN Unholy Ones

    What's on the Australian Version...

    The Australian version made by Shock Records has no subtitle streams at all. Not even English for those who are hard of hearing.

    Soundtrack-wise, there's the movie soundtrack and the directors commentary.

    The Extras are mostly extra titbits from the interviews JD did with Bono and John Martin. Here's a breakdown of the extras in full:

    • INTRODUCTION - Taylor Hackford takes a walk around the East Hollywood neighbourhood - DeLongpre Street - where Bukowski lived in the early 1970's when TH was filming Buk. Almost 7 minutes
    • THE LAUGHING HEART - poem read by Tom Waits, just over 1 min.
    • THE BLOOD OF A COWARD - anecdote told by John Martin. 1 min 12 sec
    • AN EVENING WITH LINDA KING - anecdote told by John Martin. 2 min 56
    • BUKOWSKI?S FATHER - anecdote told by John Martin. 48 secs.
    • BUKOWSKI?S MOTHER - anecdote told by John Martin. 1 min 21
    • THE CLOWN - anecdote told by John Martin. 40 secs.
    • BORN IN BEVERLY HILLS - anecdote told by John Martin. 33 secs.
    • A WARM PITCHER OF SPIT - anecdote told by John Martin. 1 min 18
    • THE INNOVATOR - anecdote told by John Martin. 2 min 42
    • BUKOWSKI?S LEGACY - anecdote told by John Martin. 50 secs.
    • FIRST & LAST - a poem Bukowski FAXED to John Martin, read by John Martin 58 secs.
    • PLAIN SPOKEN TRUTH - anecdote told by Bono (Paul Hewson) from U2. 1 min 28
    • THE TRUTH IS NEVER UGLY TO GOD - anecdote told by Bono (Paul Hewson) from U2. 1 min 15
    • BUKOWSKI?S INFLUENCE - anecdote told by Bono (Paul Hewson) from U2. 1 min 4 secs
    • THINGS OUGHT TO BE BETTER - anecdote told by Bono (Paul Hewson) from U2. 2 min 2 secs.
    • BUKOWSKI?S MESSAGE - anecdote told by Bono (Paul Hewson) from U2. 36 secs.
    • "ROLL THE DICE" - poem read by Bono (Paul Hewson) from U2. 1 min 15
    • "BLOWING MY HERO" - anecdote told by John Martin. With a poem written and read by Amber O'Neil.
    • SIMPLE TRUTH - Linda Bukowski talks about Bukowski, including a glimpse at Hank's writing room. 9 Min 21 secs.
    • HOME VIDEO - Home video footage of Hank, filmed at home in February 1992, by Linda. Hank reads several poems to the camera. 13 min 12 secs.
    Hope that helps someone.

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