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cleaned it up a bit. about 220mb single quicktime file now.

dl here, link fixed:


i did the best i could with bad footage quality...brightened up and converted back to black and white, a lot easier to watch.

If it appears too bright on your monitor, turn the monitor down a bit. The original version was so dark/green it was hard to see much of the detail.

okay. good enough.

Thanks for making this available! I started reading Bukowski in 1974 and saw this film on TV once back in the 70s. Never could remember much about it except for the poetry reading with the refrigerator on stage. Don't know if I saw the full film or the edit but have always wanted to see it again.
If this is the one I think it is it's about 46 minutes long. There was also a 30 minute version and a 60 minute version (the complete film).

Size: 220Mb
Format: .mov file
Duration: 46mins 38sec
Width: 320 pixels
Height: 240 pixels
Display aspect ratio: 4:3
Frame rate: 14.985 fps
Audio: right output only
Does anyone still have a copy of this that they'd be willing to upload? I've been scouring the internet for a while and it seems these are the only links, both of which are dead. I'd just like to be able to watch it in something better than the readily available youtube quality.
The downloads you find are going to be the same quality that you find on YouTube. There isn't a pristine copy of this anywhere. Not sure a pristine copy exists, by today's standards anyway. It was a primitive film.
I know, I know. I'm not really asking for a pristine copy or anything of that sort, I just know that this one had been edited from the youtube videos so that it was a little more watchable. Plus, it's all one file, which is infinitely more convenient. I can burn it to a disc, kick back and have a beer, instead of sitting in front of my computer and watching it in five parts on youtube. Just my personal preference, I suppose. So, I'm still hoping that someone can throw this file up for me, I'd definitely appreciate it.
Thank you for the Youtube link! I was hoping for a wetransfer or an unbroken version that I would be able to download.



Edit: Downloaded. I watched every MB coming through, while chewing my nails, praying to God there wouldn't be a power failure, or a thunderclap, or my ISP wouldn't go belly up, or I wouldn't have a heart attack... And now it's here.
This is a GREAT copy, mjp! I wondered where you got it at first, but now I don't even want to know: I guess you'll have to kill me if you told me. :DD
THANKS once again!!!
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This is by far the best Bukowski documentary I have seen. Even the music fits. It's as if the man himself directed it. I heard that a bunch of tight-assed PBS contributors cancelled out the day after this was shown in '73. Think Buk would have found that quite amusing.
Here. 60 minute version. Good quality, big file (490+mb). Get it while it's hot. Right click here and "save as," you know the deal. Don't say I never did anything for you. Won't be there forever. Act now. Free shipping.
I’m a longtime Buk fan, but forum newbie. I know this post is 6 years young, but is there any way I could get a new link. I’ve been wanting to see the full 60 min film for a long while. I would greatly appreciate it. It would make for a great day.

....soooo, who’s the guy that comes in with the fu manchu? He jokes with (and insults) Hank... around the 34 and a 1/2 mark (in the 60min. cut)? He looks familiar, but my memory is old and worn. ?
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...this doc. is one of my favorite bits of Bukowski on film. I love the parts filmed at the City Lights reading. Would be great to have an uncut version of that reading on DVD or even just a stream somewhere on the web. I listen to Poems & Insults all the time.
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We see Linda King here, well well, she was still in Buk’s mind in the early 1980s, as evidenced by a bunch of steamy love letters he wrote to her at that time, years after they had broken up. “The Widow” (Montfort’s subsequent nickname for Bukowski’s then live-in squeeze), was not amused.

Buk had a number of affairs in the 70s and 80s that are completely unknown to his biographers and devotees.

....soooo, who’s the guy that comes in with the fu manchu? He jokes with (and insults) Hank... around the 34 and a 1/2 mark (in the 60min. cut)? He looks familiar, but my memory is old and worn. ?

Harold Rosen. Went by the name of Harold Norse. Wrote poem “I’m Not A Man” and “Beat Hotel”, a novel about people that Bukowski had mostly disdain for. San Francisco fixture and raconteur.
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There are so many threads on Hackfords film, but based on the number of replies, I'll post here. I was doing some research becaue I actually have a photograph of Hackford and Bukowski at the premiere of the film, but lacked some context. Although Wikipedia is not 100% reliable, I think this info makes 100% sense and why we have been chasing our tails on the 30 vs. 60-minute versions for all these years. I want to see the 60-minute version more than ever now.

A heavily-edited 28-minute version of the footage with alternate scenes and a rearranged structure was aired on PBS as an episode of the KCET series Artbound under the title Bukowski Reads Bukowski on Thursday, October 16, 1975, at 10:30 PM. This version contains less interview footage with Bukowski and his acquaintances but more footage of the reading itself.

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