Bukowski by Taylor Hackford - documentary download

...this doc. is one of my favorite bits of Bukowski on film. I love the parts filmed at the City Lights reading. Would be great to have an uncut version of that reading on DVD or even just a stream somewhere on the web. I listen to Poems & Insults all the time.
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We see Linda King here, well well, she was still in Buk’s mind in the early 1980s, as evidenced by a bunch of steamy love letters he wrote to her at that time, years after they had broken up. “The Widow” (Montfort’s subsequent nickname for Bukowski’s then live-in squeeze), was not amused.

Buk had a number of affairs in the 70s and 80s that are completely unknown to his biographers and devotees.

....soooo, who’s the guy that comes in with the fu manchu? He jokes with (and insults) Hank... around the 34 and a 1/2 mark (in the 60min. cut)? He looks familiar, but my memory is old and worn. ?

Harold Rosen. Went by the name of Harold Norse. Wrote poem “I’m Not A Man” and “Beat Hotel”, a novel about people that Bukowski had mostly disdain for. San Francisco fixture and raconteur.
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