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Bukowski Collection at Second Story Books (1 Viewer)

I'm not in buy mode at this time, but if you do really need to sell these, most of them are very unlikely to move at those prices. In some cases, those prices are above the high-priced sellers on abebooks. As an example, I have copy 10/75 of the twice-signed and hand-colored cover of You Kissed Lilly. If I were to sell it, I'd be ecstatic to get $700 for it.
Well, a Hot Water w/painting sold at PBA less than three months ago for half your asking price. I know that collection has personal meaning for you, but MJP is right. They seem a bit high. But great stuff there!
I do appreciate all of your suggestions. You are more familiar with this than I am. Selling these is one of the hardest things I have had to do in long while. I will see how it goes for the next month or so. Even if they don't sell, I will still be OK. Not great, but OK just the same. Life sometimes throws you for a loop and you have to ride it out with your hands holding tight to the bar.
that painting in hot water music is fucking great...

if i only had 4 grand to burn.


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