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Hi all,

I write a regular column for Word Catalyst magazine online. This month's is on my experiences with the 1980s' small press scene, and of course on my experiences with Bukowski.

It's one of three essays that I've written that deal with various aspects of my relationship with Bukowski and the small press scene. As the others come out, I'll keep you posted, no pun intended. Well, maybe pun intended. :)
It's a good essay, Harry! - And I'm glad your wife was able to buy some of your old mags back!
I'm looking forward to reading your other two essays...
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Thanks for the good words! The other two essays have a different focus ... the one in Abbey focuses more on what Buk meant to me as a writer and talks about how Henry Miller and Ernest Hemingway were also big influences on writers back then. The other one is longer and talks in more detail about my experiences with Bukowski and John Martin. I'll let you know when they come out. Thanks for reading!


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