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I saw in Miscellany this picture:
And I saw comic in Born into this (one page? My avatar).

Tell me: Is it from comics or from solo paintings looks like comics?
I know that R. Crumb ilustraded Bukowski's book, but I don't know if he made a Bukowski's comics.
If you know title of any comics or you have scaned issued or solo pages, please, put it here or tell me :)

And of course - sorry for my english. It's like All your base are belong to us or another engrish :)


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Those Crumb pieces, like the one you link to, are from a Black Sparrow publication, I just can't remember which one. If I'm not mistaken they were included on separate cards, not bound into anything...but again, I'm just talking off the top of my head, so I could be wrong.

There are two standalone comics that I know of (that is, that weren't part of a collection or issue, like the "Big Mouth" comics), the first is an independent publication called "Dust" and presents Bukowski as a lion. The other is "A Couple of Winos" which Fantagraphics books put out back in the early 90's I believe.

There are probably more out there.


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There's one on ebay?

The one I have is Issue one. It's by Mike Battaglia, 1998. I'd post the cover, but my scanner took a shit, so you'll have to use your imagination. ;)


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I wish the illustrations in The Captain... were in color. The first one Domator linked is from that book. I think it would be a million times better if they were in color.


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mjp said:
The one I have is Issue one. It's by Mike Battaglia, 1998. I'd post the cover, but my scanner took a shit
But in my post i gave link to the cover of issue #1. You have only one comic Dust? I mean: do you have only first issue?


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Ah, sorry, I missed that link.

That is the comic, but the cover is slightly different. What you've posted could be a reprint...I got mine directly from the artist as soon as he had it published. It was a small run as I recall, so it could have been reprinted. When I get a new scanner I'll post the cover.

Also, the Bukowski part of "Dust" is just one story in an issue of many other stories. I just pulled it out to have a look. That would make "A Couple of Winos" the only all-Bukowski comic I've seen.


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here's another comic book, translated into Spanish from German, I think:



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Matthias Schultheiss is the A Couple of Winos artist...so this is probably the same book, translated into Spanish.


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The link in the first post in this string is from the deluxe issue of The Captain:
Bukowski, Charles, and R. Crumb. THE CAPTAIN IS OUT TO LUNCH AND THE SAILORS HAVE TAKEN OVER THE SHIP (Santa Rosa: Black Sparrow Press, 1997) First edition. Decorated cloth-covered boards in cloth covered slipcase. One of 175 numbered copies with six serigraph prints signed by R. Crumb. (Krumhansl #154a)

Other comics with illustrated Bukowski stories include:
A COUPLE OF WINOS (Seattle: Fantagraphics Books, 1991);
ARCADE, THE COMICS REVIEW, Vol. 1, No. 3 (San Francisco: 1973);
YOU AND YOUR BIG MOUTH, #1 (Seattle: Starhead Comics, July 1992);
YOU AND YOUR BIG MOUTH, #2 (Seattle: Starhead Comics, March 1993);
YOU AND YOUR BIG MOUTH, #3 (Seattle: Starhead Comics, December 1993);
and there's another called "Nine Panel" or something like that...

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