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I've searched the internet to see if there are any scheduled events in 2017 in Europe or North America (German Bukowski Society is certainly active). Anyone know?
Thanks! - for such a quick response. Do you have a link about the symposium? Perhaps an itinerary for the event? Would love to find out all about it - and will go! (one more question: percentage of international goers, as i'm fluent in German)
We've only started working on it, so there's no link or even finished program yet.
What we're planning is this:

After we had many international guests in the last years (Abel Debritto and David Calonne have been regulars in the recent past and in 2016 we also had Marina Bukowski and Gerald Locklin), we're now focussing more on German speakers for 2017.

Chances are pretty good, that we'll have the guy, known here in the forum as Petey, with the story of his revealing research on Jane Cooney Baker. (He's German and a longtime member of the Buk-Society.)

Also we have the acceptance from filmmaker Thomas Schmitt, who's been doing the documentaries 'East Hollywood 1976', 'It's Good To Be Back' and 'I'm Still Here' to attend and talk a little about his filming experiences with Buk.

We'll also show (on Saturday night) the video of Bukowski's reading in Hamburg in full length.

Another focus is planned to be on the German landscape of Buk-publishers from the 1970s till now (Maro, Zweitausendeins, Fischer), but here, we don't have definite confirmations from our wanted speakers yet. So this is a bit uncertain.
That's an excellent idea. She's a fine woman.
I've had a few drinks with her at 'The Frolic Room' (Hollywood) a couple of years ago.

if she hasn't changed her email, then I do, yes. Thanks.
For this year, the Buk-Society can't afford to fly in speakers from abroad and next year is uncertain. But I will consider it and ask Pam when it's time to make the plans. Say hi to her daughter.
I am speak English only. Would that be an issue?
well, THIS year, it will definitely be a reason to NOT come. Only German speakers this year.
2016 would have been perfect for you, but we can't turn back the clock.
There will come another year with English speakers.

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