Bukowski culinary tastes

Another inane fun question. What kind of food did Bukowski like? I know he liked a good hearty steak, but what else? What did he really like to chow down on? Beer is not a adequate answer.


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(answer: it was Lord Sandwich, a gambler who wanted a meal he could eat with one hand so he didn't have to put his cards down. you're welcome.)
Read his books and you'll find out

^ I read most of them already. I can't believe he didn't yearn for the Big Mac.
HENRY: "Ham! Ham with mustard and relish!"
"All I need is a little fuel! That's all I need to whip Eddie!"
JIM: You're out of line there Henry. You just don't swoop down on a man's food."
MIKE: He's like a goddamn seagull!"


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And I can't believe he did'nt year for pizza and Hot Dogs. :rolleyes:
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I'd love a Big Mac, but I'm not all there I suppose.
The "Colonel's Chicken" kept popping up here and there, even have photo of him with the box in front of him. But I'd like to know when did he buy his first color TV and would he enjoy internet - or at least would he bet horses without leaving his room?
I never ate a big mac in my entire life. What's so special about it?

^ I don't exactly know, try it sometime. You can knife and fork it if you'd like.
Pioneer Chicken...



As I remember one poem in particular, he was marveling at how Linda drove one of their cars to go buy fresh oranges and he stayed behind to think of that tar-paper shack in Atlanta when he was hungry, etc...

Which is to say it seemed Buk only cared about food as it functioned as fuel and not much else. To my eye anyway.


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Half serious/half horseplay.

is that like a Minotaur? Minotaur's freak me out, like wearing a belt and suspenders. you don't do that, do you? because if you do, I'm gonna fuck you up, you half-bull half-man-suspender-and-belt-wearing motherfucker! choose one, don't be greedy. bull or man, belt or suspenders. leave something for the rest of us.

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Jello and macaroni and cheese. Frito Lay bean dip (in the can) with Frito Corn Chips. Bologna sandwiches with lots of mayonnaise and mustard and some pickles. Canned ravioli with tuna sandwiches. (Solid Albacore)
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