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I stumbled over this video today. I wanted to share.

Seems like this man missed the point.

You will have to skip to the middle of the video. Skip to the 8:43 mark.


"The topics he chose to write about were WORTHLESS."

Bukowski could turn life into art despite most life being boring and shitty. His writing is good because he could write about everyday topics. And by doing this he opened up the possibility (to me, at least) of turning everyday life into something worth writing about. A character isn't real unless he needs to wipe his ass once in a while.
Well, the part about Bukowski is about 1 minute and truly profound: "Terrible human being, can't remember his name, oh, Bukowski!, only wrote about vomit, but that beautifully, but who his interested in reading about vomit?"

It might well change the Bukowski reception as a whole. 2014 will be the mark.

Thank you, Michael Savage. You are the chief.
Michael Savage is a right wing whack job radio hatemonger with an audience of drooling survivalists and tea baggers who dress up in powdered wigs, three corner hats and knee britches, waving copies of the constitution around at local city council meetings. Why would anyone give a shit what he thinks about anything, let alone writers?

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