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Many years ago I bought a Bukowski drawing. It looks real to me, but I'm no expert and have never been certain of its authenticity. Its been on my well ever since (should have gotten more protective glass). I'm getting ready to move, and thought that if it is real it might be good to get it insured. Any thoughts on whether it is authentic or where I might go to get it checked out, and what sort of value it should be insured for? The story I got is that it is from an editor of the LA Free Press and that the drawing was sent in with a poem. The mark above the "Buk" is a doodle on the other side. It's on a sheet of 8.5x11 typing paper. Many thanks for your help!

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looks real to me. and if it is real, it's a great piece to have. love it.
Thanks for the input! I'm pretty certain that it is ink; at least, it looks like it to me -- tough to tell on the photo, but it has the look of having absorbed into paper, and there is a small smudge on the end of the bar on the right.


Yep, real. Very cool.... Not sure how much it is worth with the economy being tough. I would not really insure it. You'd be better off putting it behind UV glass and Acid free mat. Then it will last for a long time.


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a bukowski danse macabre! love it!

looks real to me. you can use a jewellers loupe to see if it's a print or not.


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Acid free mounting, yes. It's already toned from a cheap mounting at some point, which is a shame.

Pricing his art or drawings is a tricky thing. It's not that common to find a stand-alone drawing, so it has some value. Based on what some aphorisms have sold for recently I wouldn't be surprised if it brought $1200 - $1500 in an auction.

I think it's worth more than that though, and I wouldn't sell a drawing like that. They're too hard to come by, and I think his art is undervalued. Not that you said you were considering selling it, but there you go.

It's definitely authentic.
Many thanks, all! And thanks for the suggestion of an auction value. I wasn't very clear in the OP, but we're moving overseas and will want to insure the contents of the shipping container for the trip, so this is a big help.

One thing I didn't note previously, is that there is a mark on the back in blue pencil giving a percentage (around 34%, IIRC). That coupled with the story I got about it and the "1 col" in red ink at the bottom on the front, suggests to me that it might well have been used in the column. I see that a number of universities have copies of the LA Free Press, but none that I'm likely to be near anytime soon. Anybody know of an easier way to peruse the original columns?


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a bunch of these drawings from the la free press days just hit the market, priced between $800 and $1200, if that helps.

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"I see that a number of universities have copies of the LA Free Press, but none that I'm likely to be near anytime soon. Anybody know of an easier way to peruse the original columns?"
It is from an LA Free Press short story about him drinking with a woman and a bartender that keeps turning into a skeleton. I have it. I will post it sometime soon. The story may have been published in More Notes or one of those later collections. There were more drawings as well (not in the book).

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