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The thing is, Old Buk is well known to most of the 30 something uk generation. Multiple rappers or bands mention him and he has always been well thought in mainland Europe.

We have some fantastic places more then willing to showcase him with rich sponsers but would Mrs Bukowski be willing to travel to the other side of the atlantic at this stage in her life?

Probably doesn't need the money and she probably doesn't need that box of emotions reopened for relative strangers
More a case of where was this. The Poet on the edge exhibition was on display in the Huntingdon library in LA I believe in 2011.

Looked like quite a comprehensive look at his life with lots of intimate items on show.

2006 - Linda donates Bukowski's papers to the Huntington Library in Los Angeles. [June]
2006 - Huntington Library event, "Celebrating Bukowski," to announce Linda's donation. [9/20]
2010 - "Bukowski Aloud" event at the Huntington Library to mark the opening of the exhibition, "Charles Bukowski: Poet on the Edge." [10/27]

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