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Fante's reply to Bukowski's first letter has been reprinted in the back pages of Ask The Dust, but I have not been able to locate Bukowski's five letters to Fante. Fante's '32 - '81 Letters which I am reading do not contain any such correspondence.

Any idea where I can find them?

I'm new to the site, by the way---Nice to meet like-minded folks like yourself and I look forward to contributing where I can. I'm a big Buk fan, although I don't see Buk as much of a novelist as I do poet/short story writer, but hey still he's my Dionysius in that sense I'd have let him take a beer shit on my front lawn any day.



Thanks ponder, I keeping asking myself why the hell I didn't find this site long ago. Perhaps it was buried in all those forums discussing Dante, Charlotte Bronte, and Joyce? :eek:;)


Sad Flower in the Sand
Welcome! The letters don't appear to be collected in any form (several of Buk's letters mention Fante however), but I'm hoping they end up in the UCLA collection, whenever Fante's papers go public.

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