Bukowski - Festival 2020


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The Charles-Bukowski-Society will celebrate the first 100 years of Charles Bukowski next June in Bamberg, Germany with a fine festival over a couple of days.
Save the Date: June 22-27.

Some of bukowski.nets most beautiful models and learned experts will attend, amongst the latter of which are: Abel Debritto, David Calonne, Michael Phillips.

The world-famous Bamberg Symphony Orchestra will play one evening with Nora Gomringer reading Bukowski-texts about classical music.

Each evening from Monday till Friday, the local repertory-cinema Lichtspiel will show Bukowski-movies, -docus, -readings.

The University of Bamberg is having a Bukowski-related seminar that semester.

Special Guest: Marina Bukowski.


Would love a printed copy, although the lady has advised me to pump the brakes on the Bukowski wall art. Blasphemy!


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cool poster btw. you doing a printed version?
There will be a printed copy of the final version.

This was just a quick first draft based on my poster for the screening of the Hamburg-reading we had in 2015:


(there are still some left of those)

Back in 2015 I even had made a silkscreen of the motive:


(there was only a limited editon of 12, I didn't even keep any for myself)

But back to the upcoming poster for the Festival in 2020:
It will most probably be based on this layout, but must have additional info, like sponsors, etc. Also the program may even grow a little.
So, it ain't ready for printing yet.

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damn that's exactly what i was gonna say - it would make a great silkscreen.

the only thing i'd suggest is to do the guests names in typewriter font. it's a really cool look.

love the design and the graphic of him is perfect - did you do it?

d gray

tried to do his best but could not
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it's perfect! glad to know it's your work.

you should edition them - i'm sure alot of people would be interested.


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Thanks guys. I have heared you. I'd like to make a new silkscreen based on the portrait.
Maybe I will.
But I'd need to reactivate my connections to the place where I had the opportunity to do it. Haven't shown up there since 2015 and am sure people have left and new ones are around.
So, yeah, maybe there will be a silkscreen made somewhere around spring or so.

Right now, my main work is for the festival itself, like raising funds etc.
And sheer survival of course.