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The Charles-Bukowski-Society will celebrate the first 100 years of Charles Bukowski next June in Bamberg, Germany with a fine festival over a couple of days.
Save the Date: June 22-27.

Some of bukowski.nets most beautiful models and learned experts will attend, amongst the latter of which are: Abel Debritto, David Calonne, Michael Phillips.

The world-famous Bamberg Symphony Orchestra will play one evening with Nora Gomringer reading Bukowski-texts about classical music.

Each evening from Monday till Friday, the local repertory-cinema Lichtspiel will show Bukowski-movies, -docus, -readings.

The University of Bamberg is having a Bukowski-related seminar that semester.

Special Guest: Marina Bukowski.


cool poster btw. you doing a printed version?
There will be a printed copy of the final version.

This was just a quick first draft based on my poster for the screening of the Hamburg-reading we had in 2015:


(there are still some left of those)

Back in 2015 I even had made a silkscreen of the motive:


(there was only a limited editon of 12, I didn't even keep any for myself)

But back to the upcoming poster for the Festival in 2020:
It will most probably be based on this layout, but must have additional info, like sponsors, etc. Also the program may even grow a little.
So, it ain't ready for printing yet.
damn that's exactly what i was gonna say - it would make a great silkscreen.

the only thing i'd suggest is to do the guests names in typewriter font. it's a really cool look.

love the design and the graphic of him is perfect - did you do it?
it's perfect! glad to know it's your work.

you should edition them - i'm sure alot of people would be interested.
Thanks guys. I have heared you. I'd like to make a new silkscreen based on the portrait.
Maybe I will.
But I'd need to reactivate my connections to the place where I had the opportunity to do it. Haven't shown up there since 2015 and am sure people have left and new ones are around.
So, yeah, maybe there will be a silkscreen made somewhere around spring or so.

Right now, my main work is for the festival itself, like raising funds etc.
And sheer survival of course.
You may have guessed it already. What we feared all along the last weeks has become a fact:

After I've been fighting for 8 distressing weeks to keep the option open for our BUKOWSKI-FESTIVAL in June despite the Corona-crisis and the restrictions going on, I finally have to give in and fold our plans for This year.

It has now become clear, that too many factors stand against the realization and there's no likeliness (anymore) that they'll all change till June. Nobody could be more sad and sorry about this than me, after planning and organizing for nearly 2 ½ years.

BUT . . .

Like our great hero stated: Endurance is more important than anything.

The Festival will take place next summer with exactly the program that we've planned for this year. Maybe even more and bigger.

Again, sorry for the sad news.
It's been a distressful fight the last weeks to keep the plans alive and I am tired. Through all the sadness over the cancellation there is, at least, a sort of relief: being out of those many uncertainties I had to juggle with. Now I need a long and deep sleep. Then start with preparations for next year's Festival.

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