Bukowski for Christmas (1 Viewer)

First edition signed Horses Don't Bet On People

First edition deluxe hardcover signed In The Shadow Of The Rose

First edition Spinning Off Bukowski by Steve Richmond

First edition Hitler Painted Roses by Steve Richmond with introduction by Bukowski

plus some other cool books not Bukowski related so I won't bore you with the details

Santa Claus does exist
First edition signed Horses Don't Bet On People

Is this signed on the cover or the first page? Beware people selling these as signed when they are signed on the first page. Unless it is signed twice, it is not actually signed, as all copies have a printed signature on page one. This is easy to miss and most people selling them as signed are not doing it to be dishonest. It is a tough call andI can see how people could think that it is authentic.

1) If it is signed on the inside cover and numbered (1-50), then it is the official signed edition
2) If it is signed on the cover but not numbered and is numbered on the reverse, but higher than 50, then it was signed later
3) If it is signed on the first page, then it is not signed.

Not trying to be a grinch, but trying to keep it on the up and up.


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