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Hello all, I have some Bukowski things for sale..(sigh).. I will auction them (and maybe more) on E-bay in about a week, but thought that I'd post them here first..

I think I have priced them fairly. I can supply pics of any item if someone is interested.

I can be reached at [email protected].

I'm thinking $5 shipping within the U.S... thanks!

  • "Bukowski at Bellevue" VHS video tape, signed with "little man" doodle #37 of 100 - $100
  • Funeral announcement - $100
  • Large Bukowski signature on red paper (looks to be torn from book) - matted and framed - $100
  • "I'D Rather Be Reading Bukowski" bumper sticker from Baroque Bookstore Hollywood - signed - $125
  • "In the morning and at night and in between" 1991 Black Sparrow New Year's greeting soft cover. Signed (though not called for) - perfect condition - $75
  • "what they want" announcement for Neville book store opening . Inscribed to "Red" Stodolsky. Perfect Condition. $175
  • "Bukowski at Bellevue" VHS tape - regular edition - $25
  • "Fourth Annual Santa Cruz Poetry Reading Festival" poster/flyer in poster frame - $35
  • "Bukowski Lives" Black Sparrow poster. Professionally framed - $35
  • Adam magazine Feb 1970 Vol 14 number 2 - "special underground issue" contains Bukowski's short story "The Fiend" - perfect condition - $25

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