Bukowski Half-Brother? (1 Viewer)

jose leitao

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I just found out about the rumour that Bukowski might have had a half-brother called Jaime Ort?zar, in Chile, offspring of his father with a woman called Juana P?rez.

Is there any validity to this? Has anyone ever heard about this before?

I found this in a Brazillian publishing site that has a microsite for Howard Sounes' Biography "Locked in the Arms of a Crazy Life".

So many views and no answer... I'm not joking, in case you think this is a joke.
I don't think this man's claim is genuine, but I'd like to know more about thsi rumour. Anyone ever heard about it?
That's just so far out of left field I don't think anyone knows what to say about it. It comes out of nowhere, so it seems unlikely. But the only people who really know are long gone.

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