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bukowski hardcovers for sale... (1 Viewer)


lothario speedwagon
hollywood first ed. (white spine): $135
betting on the muse first ed. (gray spine): $75 (minor yellowing to top of front board, dj is very wrinkeld)
bone palace #'d (gray spine): $90
confessions of a coward- HC but not numbered: $25
roominghouse madrigals: $35 (lower right front corner is bumped)

us postage paid, international postage is $11 per book in an envelope, or $37 for multiple books in a box. if you want one, just send money to [email protected] with the book title somewhere in the comments.
i'm going to start ebay auctions for these tonight- i'll post links then. if you want one that's up for auction, tell me and i'll kill the auction (assuming it has no bids).
well, the hollywood first was a huge find for me when i bought it, since hollwyood is my 2nd favorite of his novels. but, i bought a signed/illustrated on ebay yesterday for what i thought was a good price ($350)... and i had been wanting a signed copy of a novel for a while... they tend to be expensive, and i never wanted to pay $300 or so for a signed copy of a book that was in an edition of 500. but hollywood in an edition of 150 with the print also signed, AND a cool spine cloth, it was too good to pass up. but i don't need the other one anymore, as rare as it is. i didn't really like roominghouse or bone palace that much, but i do like betting on the muse, and i like that i have a first edition of it. when i was considering buying that hollywood copy, my decision calculus was, "what buk books could i live with owning in paperback in order to afford this 'dream' book?" betting on the muse is on the cusp. i'll sell it if i have to, but i'd prefer not to. so there's a little window into my obsessive head (that thought process went on for about an hour and a half)... probably more information than you cared for!

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