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Gerard K H Love

Appreciate your friends
Is that real gold? It is a fine looking frame, but what is written on the bottom on the reddish wood part?
All these questions about a fine presentation by a new dog. Dog dream stirs up pleasant images, good name, welcome.
Hey Bill,
How late were you sending out the second batch? I've not gotten anything in the post yet... but then again it could be because im in a much different time zone!

thanks man!Can't wait to see it!

Lolita Twist

I mentioned this in another thread but I wanna make sure you get my thank you :). Mine came on Thursday (my mail comes very late), thanks again Bill! And thanks for putting in the SA Griffin one. Beautiful broadsides. Gotta find frames for them :).
Thanks a million, mine arrived this morning!

thank you for throwing in the S.A. Griffin one too, it will go to my dear grandmother who thinks Obama is the incarnation of Jesus!

it looks great!

thanks bill, again!

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