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Hello all.
I've just started my final project for my art course and have decided to use a handful of Bukowski's poems to illustrate. For I love his work, his language so image evoking!
But to help me along, I need to perhaps research any exsisting artwork created for his words.
Anybody aware of anything out there revelevent for me?
Any help would be lovely and greatly appreciated.
It's definitely a good idea. But ideally I really wanted artwork inspired by his words and really had some direct symbolism linked to his poems.
His own work, great as it is, is fairly abstract and doesn't quite run parallel to his poems, if that makes sense.
I really want to see how artists have interpreted his language and communicated those ideas visually.
Rosalie, Welcome to the forum. If you want that...read his poems and paint the pictures his poems inspire. I am no expert to poetry and I am new to it, but his words paint a pretty clear picture. See it and paint it. Number Nine Horse would be gross. You are in good hands and now you better get an A.
Rather unrelated but cute
Then on a related note: from Septaugenarian Stew - pg. 111

I'm not sure you wanted Youtube videos, but they are interpretive illustrations, so. . .

There is another story, which was produced in a
book form with illustrations. The link is one I
poasted here on the forum. Where it is eludes me just now.

Sorry I couldn't be of any more help.
Thanks for all the help so far guys. the youtube links were great.
And I am definitely inspired enough to start creating and i am very familiar with most of bukowski's work.
But sadly I won't pass without any sign of research from exsisting artists hence the need for help!
although i am sure that i am young enough to be your daughter!

since you put it that way:
there's a German comic-book author named Mathias Schultheiss who did comicbooks based on Buk-stories. I don't like him too much, but maybe he suits you:




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