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Bukowski in 1976 RollingStone (1 Viewer)


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Look what auction I just won for five bucks.





Good deal or not? LOL
I haven't seen that issue in 30 years, but if I remember correctly, my old pal Leo Mailman was interviewed and quoted for that article on Buk. Leo was a poet and small press publisher in Long Beach, CA in the 1970s. He published some of Bukowski's poems in one of his little magazines. I recall it as being a good article. Leo passed away in 1990 or 1991.
5 bucks is a good deal.
I picked up another copy yesterday at a used bookstore, $3.99! (and that's Canadian!!!). Some of the old bookshops are good spots for USED magazines, etc... I got a few of the old nudie mags KNIGHT (all with BUK included, for under 5 bucks a pop), plus a couple BUK/Hustlers, much cheaper than you'll ever find on eBay.
actually it came to like 12 bucks with shipping. still a good deal. is there any way I can make srue this last a long time? it looks kinda rough.
Good question, I've got a few buk/rolling stone issues, plus other 'newspaper' items that are already browning, etc... Once the browning starts is it 'done'?

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