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Hey, I can't read Czech, but I kind of like the illustration...

Czech mag.jpg
I have a girly Czech boyfriend. He should be able to translate. I'll ask him.

I've come to realise that homosexuals are actually just like everyone else - a lot of dancing while they die.
@Bruno - just in case, you wouldn't know about the story:

'Class' is in 'South of No North' and it's about Chinaski fighting Hem in the ring, kayoing him, and then gets discovered as a writer.

In a letter to the Webbs (as early as Dec 7, 1963) he stated on that very subject:

"I remember when I was very young, Hem used to work out in the ring, you know, and Ialways dreamed that I would volunteer to sit in the opposite corner, and in my dream, of course, I kayoed HEMINGWAY, and therefore I was a greater writer, I was a greater everything."

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