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Any appearances in comics? I know at least one in Finnish comic "Viivi ja Wagner" (Viivi and Wagner, a daily comic strip about a woman, Viivi and a pig, Wagner, living together):

1: Charles Bukowski used the word "awesome" about the music of Jean Sibelius.
2: (checks the dictionary) "awesome" = causing awe, frightening
3: "The guys would probably have liked each others company"
Cheers Charles
Cheers Janne (nickname for Jean Sibelius)

And then there's of course Robert Crumb...

Anybody else?

- Marko
Bukowski--at least it looks like him--in comics....I think I posted this in wrong place before...

Could be Crumb's brother, Maxon.

I saw an interesting one in Rikki Hollywood's "Bukowski Unleashed" (pp.19-22).

The title was "I Told You So", with artwork by Martin Eden.

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