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When was Buk in Miami and for how long? I couldn't find that from the timeline.

I think in Factotum he goes to Miami because he thinks he has killed a man at the racetrack. And he mentions the trip in some poem also saying that he read Henry Miller on the bus. So it did really happen (meaning the Miami trip, not the killing, I don't know about that)????
It did say in the documentary Born Into This that he spent some time in Florida (among other places--including New Orleans). It also said that Bukowski was back in L.A. within a years time.

Thats all I can remember.
It's difficult to really place him in a lot of the cities he said he visited or stayed in during that period. The FBI files only mention Los Angeles and Philadelphia. In 1944, which is the year he was supposed to have wandered the country, the FBI has him in Philadelphia.
By the way... I was just thinking about the whole thing, and I can't figure out what hapened. He was going to Miami to hide, because he thought he had killed a man. I think it was in Factotum???

Did he kill the man or was it just his imagination? Or was that just pure fiction?

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