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Quite the prestigious poetry magazine, Poetry is. Still, two of the three collected poems had changes made.

Can't seem to get the images I made to upload (everything reading 0 percent) so I'll just post the link and hope that starts something.

Okay, didn't work two weeks ago with Firefox. Thanks to a couple suggestions by Hank Solo I can now upload using the fox. Computers, jeezusss, they either work or they're useless, that's my assessment of the digital world.


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I reluctantly became an iphone geek and one of the first apps I got was the Poetry Foundations. Although there is some great poetry on it, it doesn't include a large number of the poets I like. I thought perhaps it was due to them being discounted by intellectual snobs, so it's good to see old Buk has now popped up (although not on their app, as yet). Perhaps this may be the start of something.

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