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If you read Spanish, you don't want to miss Quimera's October issue. They published my article on Evergreen Review (first published in English in Jacket last July, and reprinted in Chiron Review this month). The Spanish version is not exactly a translation as I included new material. A friend of mine just translated it into Italian and it will probably appear in a good literary magazine. Hopefully, a German version will come out next year. Anyone willing to try the French translation? ;) I have netted $0 for all these publications, but I honestly don't care. I just hope the guys over at ER have learned the lesson somehow.

Anyway, here's the front cover:

I have yet to receive my contributor's copies, but it seems to me there are two covers for the same issue. That would be interesting. And although I'm almost sure Vargas Llosa's pic was not shot by M. Hanauer, it seems that both Bukowski and Vargas Llosa were at the very same photo session. Or maybe it's Photoshop doing the trick, I just don't know.
English, ma'am.

I usually translate from English into Spanish and you're not allowed, as a translator, to make things up. You have to stick to the original and make it sound good in your own language, which is not as easy as it seems.

Funny thing, when translating my own stuff into Spanish I kind of did the same thing at first. Then I realized I was going thru' the motions, as if I were translating some other dude, and thought, "this shit aint' working, brah". I took more liberties this time around, and rightfully so :D
Got my copies today. As it turns, Vargas Llosa is on the front cover and B. on the back cover. Very nicely done, I must say. My hat's off to the guys running this mag.
Hey, guys, Vargas Llosa just won the Nobel Prize in Literature. This Quimera issue might become a collector's item now...
Wow! Usually they come up with more ucommon names
like Wisława Szymborska, ( I find her a a great poet.)

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