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I know that there are some strong feelings on both sides of this, but wanted to post a couple items that I bought in 2003. These were by an artist with the name "S. Lynn". Normally, I stay away from the Bukwoski art on ebay, but really liked these. I don;t believe that I paid much for them. Does anyone else have any Bukowski inspired art that they would care to share?




Nice. All I have in my possession is this poster for the film Barfly. I co-run a weekly film night and Barfly was screened a few months back. This was the poster created for it. I guess it's an image of Rourke...but Buk inspired in the end.


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I have this poster framed and hanging on my kitchen wall. It has the poem "Roll The Dice." Says its a Michael Monfront picture, (Bukowski with Carl Weisnners Cat) from Abandoned Planet Bookstore. I bought it on eBay a few years ago, and can't remember how much I paid for it. I saw the another on eBay a few months ago, I think it went for like $50-$60 bucks.

Bill, those are nicely done. I like the second and third one better than the first. I've got a Buk in New Orleans poster in my living room, framed over the sofa. Silver ink on black paper. A letter and a drawing. Signed by Gypsy Lou. I'll take a photo of it.
Does anyone remember the silkscreens by a guy from Texas called 'check 6'? There was one made from a MM-shot of Bukowski. Nothing great, but I liked it and it was pretty cheap, so bought a couple.
Will see, if I have a photo of it around...
Nice pieces of artwork, Bill! I like the third one the best, but the second one is not without merit too. ;)
I must be obsessed with Bukowski because I see "cHarLES" written in those flames.

Maybe Mark was just inspired by this guy:
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Most of the older members have seen these and they are now for sale. They were painted several years ago. I also have a couple of fair size posters for the first two.
And many postcards. Pm me if you are interested. They are also framed.

Buk and Georgia 40\"x 30\".JPG Buk and Tina 16\"x20\".JPG Post Office 16\"x20\".JPG
I'm a new member and I've seen your paintings before, BS (you're famous in these parts, you know).
I like their Van Gogh-esque palette and general feel.

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