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Hello everyone. I'm happy to meet folks who are also touched by Chinowski's rare genius.
If you haven't checked out my friends The Handsome Family, be sure to give them a listen as lyricist Rennie Sparks is often inspired by Chuck. (They are a goth-country band from Albuquerque, New Mexico -Ringo Starr's favorite group if that means anything...)

I am shocked to still run into people who don't know who B is!!! We need to change this. Any ideas are welcome. Long Live Bukowski! Thanks for having me.
william s burg was spotted at one of their gigs so you know they're hip.
brah, I'm thinking about chartering a bus to take people to the show and also show some places that have a distant relation to Charles Bukowski. Maybe a bar that he may have drank in and an alley that he may have slept in.
Welcome, Rebel Mama.

He was called either Hank or Buk. Never Chuck.

But yes, his stuff is a slice of heaven. And hell. And everything in between.

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