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Quite right, best place for him, I only wish more great writers could be found in Bargain Books and Charity shops! I'm sure Bukowski would have agreed. (would he fuck, haha)

A new Bukowski title was a special event a few years ago, not any more.

What a lot of shite! It's a fucking BOOK not a special event, does this guy pay anttention to what he is reading?

Can you hear Buk saying: 'I really should be on the best seller list in Borders books.'

I fear Bukowski has been sold to the darkside.

On the contrary, he was a franchise waiting to happen! But still - if the words are getting about, that isn't always a bad thing...but then I fear most people will read these books and see only the CARDBOARD persona of Bukowski.

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this author gets something wrong. Sure, a special & valuable edition of a Buk-book should have its price (and I dunno what kind of so called "first edition" he was referring to).

But what's wrong with Buk at a big publisher (as long as they don't start to stop some books from availability just bc they don't sell too well)? I don't see anything wrong in it.

I see some collector's concern - but there will always be items and prices for them.
And what I also see is: a STRONG NEED for the 'poor' and for the Kids to be able to discover Buk, which means they DO need to get him on a bargain! (and I say the cheap-selling first ed, this guy was complaining about at the start, was only an excuse to make the WHOLE thing look dirty!)

To prove HC/Ecco suckers he complains about the covers (a topic we had here too) and indeed one can be unhappy with them - but what does this have to do with his complain in the first place? It's another battlefield. He intermixes. (and it seems to me, he only does, to make HC/Ecco look miserable.)

Then he states the 'Newest' of all information: "Charles Bukowski is just another widget in their global operation and it is failing him." - oooh, poor Bukowski! you got into the meatgrinder of bookselling-business, you will Die of it!

This person sounds like some fan of an underground-band, who he was recommending to EVERYONE All the time to Spread their popularity - and right after they MAKE it and sign at a major label, he drops them because they've become "commercial".

Again: this doesn't mean, I think HC/Ecco does everything the right way. Only his arguments are LESS than weak!
o.k., maybe he was writing his thing when drunk, like I am now, but then I don't see why they paid him. I - at least - don't need to get paid for my 15 minutes of telling what I think.
and thanks for listening.


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You didn't see Black Sparrow remainders for two reasons; first, Martin published small runs of the books (very small compared to a big publisher like HC/Ecco), and second, as someone mentioned here, the book stores bought Black Sparrow books, they couldn't return unsold copies as they can with virtually every other publisher. So there was no such thing as a remainder to be defaced and shipped out to the bargain bins. They sat on the shelf until they were sold.


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there are remaindered black sparrow books in other titles- especially the less popular late titles. i wonder who those are being sent back to?

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