Bukowski is Nr. 1 in plagiarist.com's Top 50 Most Viewed Poems (1 Viewer)


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... not the most thrilling news in the world, I know.

Sometimes, out of boredom, I click through plagiarist.com and other poetry-sites. They have a top-50-ranking there and sometimes, out of boredom, I click and get informed which poems are the most read on this/these page(s).

Most of the time Sylvia Plath or Robert Frost ... etc.
B. never got in there and I always thought, yes, he is still "underground" (whatever that means)

So, five minuts ago I clicked on the ranking and, guess what:

Nr. 1 (218959 views), one Charles Bukowski with "Who In The Hell Is Tom Jones"

Also Nr. 41 with "Bluebird" and

Nr. 48 with "Alone With Everybody"

see here:

--> http://plagiarist.com/poetry/top50/

Beaten all the Plaths and Frosts and Emily Dickinsons to hell. I wonder how that happened. Do you think it is because of Factotum, the movie? Or the recent newspaper-articles about the bungalow-to-be-sold? Or doesn't it have any meaning at all?
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Interesting item in their FAQ:

Do I need permission to publish/perform/etc. a poem found on this site?

YES! You absolutely need permission from the copyright holder to re-publish or perform any of the poems, articles, or anything else published on this site.

That's an odd statement, because I doubt that they obtained permission themselves, considering there are more than 120 Bukowski poems on the site. It's hard to get permission to use more than a handful. At least it was hard when Martin was at the helm. Maybe Ecco just lets you take as many as you want. Sure. ;)

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