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Bukowski/King - Me & Your Sometimes Love Poems (1 Viewer)


Linda King just did a new printing (4th) of this book with poems by her and Bukowski. This is the 4th printing. The cover is now orange. I'm not sure if these will show up on ebay, but really the only way to get this is from her directly. She is interested in selling these here.

Here's the deal. Anyone interested should send me a check, but make it out to "Linda King". I will gather the checks up and send them all to her at once. At that time she will sign all copies, personalize if you want, and will send them out to you. The price is $15 plus shipping. Shipping is $2 in the US and $4 overseas. I am helping her sell these, but am not taking any money.

PLUS, if you have one of the few banks that sends you back your canceled check, you can keep that as a souvenir as she will likely sign the back of the check!

Of the 11 Bukowski poems in this book, only one has appeared in a collection (Unless someone can correct me).

My address is:

Bill Roberts
902 Wilson Dr
Dover, DE 19904

Again, please make the check out to Linda King. Our friends overseas can send cash if sending a money order is too much of a pain in the ass.


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