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Sold Bukowski letter for sale. (1 Viewer)

I'm selling a letter that Buk wrote to Jon and Gypsy Lou in 1968. It has been sitting in a binder in my closet for several years so I figured somebody else may want to frame it and enjoy it. That was my original intention, but I never got around to doing it. He signed it with magenta crayon which is pretty unique.

Rather than going directly through Ebay, I'm selling it through an auction house. The auction takes place on Sunday October 21st. Ebay has its share of forgers and scammers, so I figured this was a route where people could buy without having to worry about its authenticity. You can still bid on this item via Ebay, but you'll be buying from a reputable (and legally liable) auction house rather than some anonymous seller. You can also phone in your bid or, if you're in Cleveland, show up in person and raise your auction paddle. It looks like the auction house is still in the process of posting accompanying photos to some of their items, so I'm attaching a low-resolution scan of the letter as well.

I hope I didn't offend anyone by coming here to peddle my goods, but I thought some of you may want to know about it before it goes up for sale.

Here's the link to the auction site. The Bukowski letter is lot #306: [Dead link.]

Bukowski Letter1.JPG


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We'll probably never find out, as KansasJack hasn't been on the forum here since 2007.
Thanks. Any ideas out there on how I would get a ballpark figure of a value on a 1974 letter from Buk to Ann Menebroker? It's only one page but talks about Linda King; greed in writing; and other stuff.
Thanks. It's nothing special, typewritten, has its envelope still. I saw where Linda King sold 60 letters in 2009 for $69k so that seems about right. Thanks again. Kai

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