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Bukowski letters (books, not actual letters) (1 Viewer)


lothario speedwagon
So, I've had this set of letters books that I've wanted to sell for a while, but I don't want them to get buried under all of Scott's books on eBay... so I'll give them a whirl here. Free shipping, but international shipping will be $40 (sorry, they're heavy).

Screams from the Balcony- SIGNED and numbered, limited to 600
Living on Luck- First trade edition, limited to 1000
Reach for the Sun- Numbered, with silkscreen, limited to 300

I'm asking $325 for the set; I checked Abe, and the best you could do there is around $450 (including shipping); plus, these are all in Fine condition.

I'd consider breaking the set:
$175 for Screams
$100 for Reach
$50 for Living on Luck
... but I'd prefer to sell them all together.

PM me if interested, or just post here. Thanks!

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