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Is the 4 vol set of letters by ECO a complete issue of the 3 BS volumes?
The title [selected letters] does not make this clear.
thanks in advance
Don't you mean the 4 letter books from Virgin books? Yes, as far as I know they're exactly the same in content as the 3 BS volumes, that Ecco now publish after BS stopped.
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I own both the Virgin and BSP sets of letters. Although not a definitive assessment, from what I can tell (and as Bukfan noted), they have the same content. I think Selected has two meanings here: 1) these obviously don't represent all of Buk's letters, and not all of his in print (e.g., Purdy, Martinelli); and 2) there are four Virgin volumes and 3 BSP volumes, so the contents cross-over a bit.

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